Is Osteopathy for you?

New born babies through to “golden-agers” are welcome at Osteowork because there is something for everyone in Osteopathy. You will have the chance to discuss your needs and Sheila will listen carefully and offer you a treatment tailored to you as we are all individuals with our own needs.

It is important to remember that the area of your body which is uncomfortable may not be necessarily the cause of your symptoms. For example, there may have been some physical or even emotional trauma in the past which the body has adapted to resulting in current aches and pains.

Osteopathy is not aimed at a specific condition alone, it is aimed to help the person as a whole

Babies and children are growing all the time and adapting to many new situations and constantly learning new skills. Sheila has found that regular treatments for babies and children are beneficial to general well being.

Everyday life and activities such as driving, gardening, and various types of employment lead to aches and pains and stress. Sometimes we all need a little rebalance of our bodies for optimum health.